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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rumors of the first Lords of Shadow 2 review are out... and they are NOT positive.

Well... damn.

 LOS was the rare action adventure in the vein of God of War and Devil May Cry that was actually too long. That used to be the biggest problem I had with those games. Just when you thought you were warming up, Boom! it's over. But did LOS wear out it's welcome and then some. Whatever good there was in that game (and there was a fair piece) was choked to death by all the padding and fat.

But I couldn't wait to see what game Mercurysteam would make next, because for all my problems with the game as a whole, the individual pieces of it were undeniably well crafted. But now we come to the rumors of GI's as of yet, unpublished, review. The gist of it is withering. Directionless, overproduced, sound and fury type stuff.

While I'd wait until an aggregate viewpoint to really make a decision on a purchase... I'm sure as hell not pre-ordering.

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