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Friday, July 24, 2015

You know who ELSE thinks New Vegas is the best Fallout?

I'm listening...
Why, its the Starbucks of gaming journalism. I kid. Somebody has to be at the top and somebody has to be the industry's pet. Never forget they discovered real talent in both Jessica Chobot (who they've since replaced with a blonde pod-person) and Greg Miller.  They're all right most of the time, I don't mind them as much as some.

So let's see... that's Honest Trailers, Eurogamer, myself, and now IGN.

Ya'll just banked some serious brownie points. Becaue I am just that easy.


  1. I said that on day one. Obsidian just have a real grip on what makes an RPG meaningful.

  2. Don't think I don't remember your NV review VERY fondly.