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Saturday, October 31, 2015

WB interactive has thrown up it's hands and caved in.

Did you buy a PC version of Arkham Knight and are still pretty bummed about it's performance? Were the long months of hard work by their QA team ultimately pointless? Is it running worse than it did at launch?

Well... FINE! They didn't need your business anyway. Is is 2016 yet? No? Then HERE. Have your money back. All of it. Will that shut you up? Will that quell the incessant tide of mean comments and emails? Probably not, but I'm in the unique position of getting $60 back on a game I'll probably never play again.

I'm usually on the side of developers having to bow down to ridiculous deadlines set by clueless shareholders... but they really shit the bed on this one. Even my mighty 980 has serious trouble with the nvidea effects in there. Which means only people with cards upwards of $600 can even use them! That can't be more than a 7th of the player base. If the game is designed from the ground up to run at only 30 FPS... shouldn't be on the PC at all.

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