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Friday, December 18, 2015

Well that was unexpected...

I've recently dealt with a serious mold situation. Stuff was everywhere. The ceiling, the walls, and as it turns out... my most expensive posession:

My Legacy Classic Bed 


I was supposed to hold on to it for 10 years. I barely had 11 months. I couldn't afford to replace it and I didn't have a warranty. But on the off chance Furnitureland South just... knew a good guy to fix it, I shot them an email.

Long story short, I'm getting my bed and frame replaced for free. Christmas. Frikkin'. Miracle. 

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  1. Yeah, mold is - or at least, black mold, the stuff that grows like into your walls - is a bad situation, man. Like a I-paid-those-contractors-fifteen-grand-and-they-swear-they-fixed-it-but-it
    -keeps-coming-back-might-as-well-move situation.