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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

When you're right, you're right.

If any of you have gotten around to listening to the new Chamberlain and Chance, Chance has a few things to say about Doom. Mostly that it's awesome and I'm inclined to agree. We've spent almost a decade stuck popping out from behind cover... it's high time that changed.

The moment to moment gameplay is just as you remember it. Less this:

And more:

It's manic but there's strategy to the mania. Headshots don't matter as much, bullets go 60 miles an hour, and I've had to forget 7 years of FPS rules. Not to mention there's a power up that essentially turns you into pac man and all the demons into blue ghosts. This game is FUN at all costs. I'll drink to that. 


  1. I totally saved that top GIF yesterday for the review I'll never write.

  2. Aw,sorry dude! It just begged to be blogged.

  3. Not complaining! Approving of its bloggability.