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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Here's an idea: The Idea Channel is my favorite thing PBS has ever made

I love me some pop philosophy. Seeing as the scant few "academic" philosophers I've meet were thick and elitist creeps (though I'm sure most of you are quite lovely) I've always wanted some of their better ideas to break into the main stream.

I'm still shocked learning about logical fallacies isn't part of the core curriculum. Just think how much harder politicians would have to work if every voter knew what an ad hominem attack was! Mike Rugnetta is the perfect host for what could easily devolve into navel gazing tripe no one cares to finish listening to. He's affable, seriously funny, and knows exactly where he's going to loose the audience so he can turn to the camera and tell everyone to bear with the material. Because it'll be worth it!

Making philosophy accessible is a thankless job and I salute his years of service!

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