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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sh*t. I want it.
See, even a non trekkie like me can appreciate a good red shirt gag.

I'm in the process of tightening the belt, a week of half unemployment'll do that. But I've landed on my feet and stand to make more than I ever have. Yay! But for the time being my entertainment budget is slashed to ribbons. Half of me wants to get Overwatch and jam with Chance on the reg. And then there's Halcyon 6.

Xcom's base building meets FTL's space exploration meets FFVI's combat. F**k. F**********K. I want it and it's $5 off right now. So... pasta and mushrooms for dinner the next 2 weeks? Looks that way, tummy. Looks that way.

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