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Monday, July 24, 2017

A personal favor.

I love the finale of Dark Souls. Did it come out of nowhere? Yes. Is the boss some random dude introduced in the last DLC? Unfortunately. But! BUT! The actual fight is fantastic. The idea behind that fight turns whatever "honorable" notion you may have had about what you as the player are doing inside out. You are both sad, decrepit, monsters squabbling over power that cannot help or change anything. This series' commitment to being a stone cold bummer is now final.

But personally? The fight has the best  track in the series. Way back in 2010, Demon Souls actually made me snicker with how thunderously sh*ty it's soundtrack was. I wanna thank FromSoftware for keeping enough money in their coffers to give Dark Souls the full choir experience to bring it all home.

So here it is, the curtain call:

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