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Friday, June 21, 2013

Hannibal "Savoureux" Review: Chekhov's Fly Lure.

The board is set, the lines are drawn, the frame work of season 2 is now in place. Ladies and gents; Hannibal stuck the landing last night, deciding not to go with a shocking season end plot twist, but to subvert your expectations. This was a damn fine series of television and the most original detective procedural in over 6 years.  I couldn't have been happier with what I've seen and I prey to Bob that it finally finds an audience next year. Bob tells me I should stop doing that, but I think he secretly finds it flattering.
Ok, I'm sorry I made that fertility idol out of your old post-its. 

So to start, this season ends not with a surprise but with catharsis. Will's dreams of a dark foreboding elk finally make sense to him. Unfortunately his erratic and incredibly suspicious behavior  have put him on the wrong side of the law. Fishburne is once again aggravatingly grey in his role of Jack Crawford. He was the one that threw Will into the jaws of the el-, lion, but he remains unapologetic about the quivering mess of a man Will has become. Thankfully Bloom is there to voice the audience's frustrations and rightfully call him out as the selfish dick he is. But Crawford's counter point about the lives Graham saved is still worth chewing over.

Lector himself sheds some crocodile tears in front of his therapist after hearing the news of Graham's alleged involvement in the copy cat killings. A frame job he meticulously and brilliantly devised. That creepy break-in scene a month ago that showed Lector fiddling with Will's fly lures? That comes screaming back in a forehead slapping "of course" kind of way. I can't wait to go back and pour over the other little details of Lector's plot to drive Will crazy.

So instead of collapsing from exhaustion, Hannibal looks to be rolling up its sleeves. I'm left with the optomistic impression that the best this show has to offer is yet to come. The smell coming from Living Dead Guy production's kitchen is delicious...but I probably shouldn't eat it.


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