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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nintendo May Save Armikrog!

The Armikrog kickstarter is dying and I feel responsible. I know my $50 wouldn't have made much of a dent in their $300,000 deficit, but that doesn't mean I don't feel complicit in it's suffering. If ever there was a developer that earned a blind leap of faith from me, it's Douglas TenNaple.

Still, Polygon has broken the story that either way, Armikrog's ship may have come in. I'm not in the market for a Wii-U, but that doesn't mean I won't take back all the mud I've slung at their company in recent years. If they follow through, I will personally slobber all over Nintendo's ring. Because they would finally shine a mainstream spotlight on the progeny of The Neverhood. And that's something I've secretly always wanted. So keep on keepin' on, Pencil Test Studios. My fingers are crossed as tight as they possibly can.

So if you can, PLEASE GIVE.

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