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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Burial At Sea Ep: 2 Impressions

Curiouser and curiouser...
If this is the way Irrational sings it's swan song, I'll be absolutely fine with that. The storied studio closes not with a RAGE- like whimper, but a competent and re-invigorating bang. Booker is dead, both of them, and only Elizabeth is left to finish what she started at the end of Infinite.

What that is exactly, I don't really know. Something to do with a little sister named Sally. But the confused motivation aside, this is incredible fan service. Atlas is back, as is Ryan, and Dr. Suchong is now more prominent than ever. It bears mentioning that all the old actors have reprized their roles, and that's almost priceless for me. If this DLC series were part of a kickstarter, I'd seriously consider coughing up $150. That's the kind of quality you'll see in episode 2.

Where the first episode struggled to cram Infinite's freewheeling combat into Rapture's focused survival vibe; the second decides to be a stealth game. Elizabeth can't just whack an enemy to death, and has a knock out/noisemaker crossbow in her arsenal. It's not just a great remix, it feels like completely different game, one that could support a play time twice as long as this should be (about 4-5 hours).

I would recommend the season pass even if you didn't like Infinite half as much as I did. This is easily $40 worth of world building, even if it isn't worth that much in length. This is Irrational at the very top of their game and they will be truly missed.

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