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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dark Souls 2 PC Impression: Absolutely Goddamn Worth it.

This is a personal screen shot in case anyone gave a damn.
This is the first game I've ever bought twice. That's how deep I am in this series. To think that four years ago (after throwing down Demon Souls in disgust) that I'd not only love it's spiritual successor so much, and then I'd not only buy it's sequel day one, but it's PC port a month later. What happened to me? You know, besides a better paying job? Damn good games happened. Damn good games.

To be honest, there is no major difference between versions in terms of the overall experience, but the little things are already starting to pile up. For one, I can rock the max settings at a silky smooth 60 fps (on a evga 780) which is nice considering even the PC Dark Souls chugged quite a bit during that lava pit sequence. For another, I can read the inventory screen without a damn magnifying glass. Apparently everyone that owns a PS3 also has a massive flat screen and doesn't have an issue with infuriatingly tiny text.

But honestly? The biggest step up is the loading time. No longer am I checking my texts and swigging coffee during the minute and a half trip back to Majula. Now loading is damn near instant. And that, that, was almost worth anouther $50. Almost.

And it's SO much prettier now. I'm spending most of my time just zooming in the camera oogling the stitching on my guy's leather armor. Stupendous texture work, From Software. Stupendous.

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