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Monday, April 27, 2015

A bunch of rich pricks have successfully toyed with my emotions.

"Playable Teaser" was an unassuming demo unleashed onto the Playstation store a few months ago. You would walk down a hallway in a house in a predetermined pattern, exiting through where you had just come in through the basement. Each round through the never ending house would get progressively creepier culminating with swinging red lights, a headless stillborn fetus crying in a bloody sink, and usually a ringu-esque lady would strangle you to death.

It was going to be the next Silent Hill, it was going to star Norman Reedus, Guillermo del Toro was consulting, and now none of that is going to happen. The publisher, Konami, and the director, Hideo Kojima had a massive fallout. They had a studio named after him! Well... not anymore.

I'm not going to lie about how hard I fell for PT. The entirety of the world's gaming press did too. The PT was wonderful. So fresh and so interesting that it makes me almost choke up in anger as I'm writing. Once again, I see big budget entertainment for what it really is. A boardroom of people giving other people in other boardrooms large amounts of money. When they fight we all loose.

Kojima will land on his feet even if... hell, especially, if MGS-V goes down in flames. He'll get more respect that way almost. Yet horror has lost a 3 star general in the battle for gaming's soul. We were so close to having something so special. Or at the very least, the most earnest attempt at something special since Silent Hill 2. That was more than a decade ago.

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