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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Psychonauts turns 10 today and Steam's selling it for a song.

For a $1.50, you too, can own one of gaming's most martyred. It was delightful, whimsical, dark, witty, and sold like a lead balloon. I remember the summer I bought it. Five dvd's worth of unfiltered magic. I didn't know games could be that funny or that manically imaginative. Plus the drama behind the scenes before and after were a sight to behold. Originally created exclusively for Microsoft... then dumped. Then picked up by Majesco... then they  shortly filed for bankruptcy.

I  couldn't believe such horrible things could happen to such a talented company. But Double Fine has hung in there. Still over appreciated and under sold. And us Psychonauts still have faith. Notch, the billionaire creator of Minecraft, was more than willing to throw $60 million to make it happen. But Tim Schafer, Double Fine CEO and human teddy bear, refused to take his money. Citing the financial sinkhole it could become. He turned down free money because he didn't want to hurt the guy. That's... well, noble. But I still think about that sometimes and I still pout.

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