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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Error ce-36329-3: PS4 not found.


My ol' Ps4 up and died on me yesterday. I'm stuck in a loop where instead of logging me in I get an error message. I've safe moded, I've reinstalled factory settings (which means 33 hours of FFVX saves are gone), and I'm still in the same loop.

I'm not saying FFXV slow roasted my hard drive, but the more forums I read the more it looks like HD failure. Siiiiiiiiigh.


  1. Gotta send the ol' girl in, I'm afraid. Thankfully I was WAY over FFXV at any rate. Whatever you've heard about how bad the last third is, it's worse if you actually give a damn about story structure. Brought a high 8 score down to a 7 for me.

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