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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Magicians is still good. Enough.

"So do you need me to be weirdly sexual or sexually weird? Both? At the same time? Got it."

The magicians continues to be a show that both surprises and confuses me. It's perfectly watchable, has a fun premise, solid main cast, and regularly upends it's status quo just as it gets boring. But my issues I with its first season persist. Penny's lack of a character arc or anything outside of "the asshole" mold is REALLY getting on my nerves. His one thing was that he was a super special teleporter and he can't even do that anymore.

On the plus side, episode 3 was literally a season finale, full stop. That was awesome. Though the special effects are still pretty rough and will not age well. At all. Elliot and Margo continue to stand out because the show is now fully aware Elliot's it's best character and Summer Bishil is it's best actor. The Magicians could become the Elliot and Margo Hour and I would be fine with it. Seriously, Bishil's gonna be a star.

A mark of a great show is one that replaces dead characters with better ones. M*A*S*H did it, Parks and Rec did it, and I hope the cast shake up is treated like a chance to improve. Because it desperately needs to improve. Their are mountains of  pointless talking scenes and droves of amateur secondary actors. I'm not demanding Game of Thrones attention to detail but they need a different casting directer. That faun-lady was PAINFUL. 

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