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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ah, what the hell.

Ok, so Andromeda wasn't Bioware's finest. Inquisition wasn't exactly a home run either and ME 3 twisted it's ankle so hard in the end it's foot snapped off. Bio's seen better days, but even still, Andromeda would have been the first game of theirs in 10 years I've only played once. That kinda bummed me out especially since it's... fun. Not "great", or ground breaking, or even remotely as compelling as any previous ME, but still... fun.

I bet I make it halfway.

At least now your scanner looks more like a computer and lot less like melty copper bullsh*t. So that's neat!


  1. You're a Mass Effect Maniac.

  2. I sure know. And i'm massing like I've never massed before.