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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Postcards from the edge of a CL4P-TP.


The Pre-Sequel gets a bad rap. Sure, it was a cheap cash-in that was  made up of  at least 40% recycled assets from Borderlands 2, but I loved it/am still loving it. Pretty much everybody that was on board for the PS cleared out by the time Clap-tastic voyage rolled around. The fact the expansion was also the funeral for 2k Australia made it's tepid reviews even sadder. But if you loved cl4p-tp the way I love cl4p-tp, this is was everything you could have wanted in terms of retroactive continuity and clappyness.

Here's a bunch of fun stuff you may have missed while not romping around in the code of a terminally insecure robot.

His name is Harold Tassiter.

The age old battle of cookies versus...


Quake before the mighty SPONX, mortal!

His name's Jack and his head's in a box. Right?
Take some time out of your day. Sit down. Read quest flavor text.

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