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Friday, August 4, 2017

C&C Ep: 83

Ok, the geisha/spiderbot fight wasn't half bad.

I was absent this week, busy buying my sister drinks for getting an interview at JOHNS HOPKINS so we can listen to it together. Pyre sounds neat and yes, Ghost in the Shell is a rank mess. I can't wait to hear all the ways Chance and I agree.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Cinematography of Preacher

People just ain't talkn' bout' Preacher like they should. To me at least. It's like the perfect storm of Tarantino and Breaking Bad. It's got an air of violent immaturity but it sobers up when it needs to. What it says about faith and particularly evangelicals walks a fine line of respectful disobedience.

But more to the point, I think its the best looking show on TV right now. Thrones is looking more and more exhausted while Preacher is hungry and eager to prove itself. These screen shots are all from a mid season placeholder episode. Keep that in mind. 


Where the hell is Ruth Negga's Emmy?

Friday, July 28, 2017

Review Improv.

Thanks, Jaume Cullell!

This week's episode... I'm not particularly proud of. I try to review LoveCraft Country off the top of my head and near the end I start rambling about a half remembered anecdote neither host, or you, could understand. But Chamberlain and Chance are great! Stay for them and read Lovecraft country before Jordan Peele makes an awesome anthology series out of it.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Morning in America.

And what a good morning it is...

I promised not to get political here and I intend to keep that promise. So I'm just gonna talk about how calm I am today and how much more faith I have in the system now than I did even 9 hours ago. I'm drinking the same Kona blend coffee I always drink and yet it tastes so much stronger today...

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Rest in Peace, June Foray.

Flying Squirrel, Roadrunner, Soviet Honey Trap, and grand dame of voice acting. She was 99 and her last credit was in 2015. She wasn't just an incredible multifaceted performer, she was one of the hardest working actors who ever lived. She may only get a tombstone, but American pop culture owes her a Mausoleum.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Here's an excellent longform review about Stranger Things.

backwrdblackbrd (NSFW)

In case you didn't know... I absolutely motherf***ing love Stranger Things. Apparently so does this guy:

Monday, July 24, 2017

A personal favor.

I love the finale of Dark Souls. Did it come out of nowhere? Yes. Is the boss some random dude introduced in the last DLC? Unfortunately. But! BUT! The actual fight is fantastic. The idea behind that fight turns whatever "honorable" notion you may have had about what you as the player are doing inside out. You are both sad, decrepit, monsters squabbling over power that cannot help or change anything. This series' commitment to being a stone cold bummer is now final.

But personally? The fight has the best  track in the series. Way back in 2010, Demon Souls actually made me snicker with how thunderously sh*ty it's soundtrack was. I wanna thank FromSoftware for keeping enough money in their coffers to give Dark Souls the full choir experience to bring it all home.

So here it is, the curtain call: