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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Can we talk about Endless Legend for a second?

Every single piece of static art is this game is just.... auggghhhhhhhhhhh.

I've checked and only about 1500 on steam are playing it at any given time. This cannot stand! This was Rock Paper Shotgun's PC game of '14 for seat's pake! Pete's sake, sorry, I'm a bit flustered. You see, I've seen Endless Legend through early access over a year ago. I'm pretty invested. It's so much more than a high fantasy strategy game. Well, it's exactly that. But it's such a refreshingly original high fantasy.

They really took thier time to make those moldy old mainstays at least slightly more unique. Elves are isolationist tree/human hybrids, dragons are an organized civilization dedicated to world peace, centaurs all have delightful potbellies, and the infamous "one city challenge" from Civilization is recreated here with a specific civ with a eerie back story. You're a doomsday cult that spreads influence instead of borders. You play as these creepy-ass clockwork mannikins... I've said too much. The cultists are a trip, man.

I've never actually formally reviewed that game, but with their "giants" expansion just hitting Steam I can no longer contain my rage. I'll do what I can to keep Amplitude studio's candle from blowing out. Maybe my 8 bounces a day will do something... in some way.    

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