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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Green Man Gaming is super-duper sorry.

I'll be honest, when GGG was selling The Witcher 3 for $10 less than every one else, I pounced. It was only later did I learn that they managed to do that by putting one over on the developer.

CD Projekt Red, pride of Poland, and dyed in the wool advocates against DRM. I was pissed. I'd have supported them more if I could, but I didn't get the whole story. Oh, and apparently some of those ill-gotten game codes didn't even work.

So this morning a 40% voucher popped up in my inbox. Valid for my next purchase whatever that might be.
What...ever that may be.

I'm still deeply disappointed in them, but I also am not turning down that kind of a deal. Also WB interactive could use a good buggering. Why not take on a studio with real lawyers GGG?

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