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Monday, May 25, 2015

So... is Brad Bird an objectivist?

After walking out on Tomorrowland's preachy second half... yes. As ham handed as passion projects can get, TL winds up being a total screed. There's a great point to be made about modern apocalypse fiction being a self fulfilling prophecy. But I wish the actors would show that to be the case instead of just saying what I just said, essentially.

So I'd probably get into an argument over cocktails with a favorite director of mine. Big whoop, I'd commit multiple homicides to get that chance. It doesn't make any of his masterworks (which is nearly every film he's ever made) less amazing. Even though the message that the great "few" shouldn't be held back by the mediocre "many" is literally the moral to every one of his movies not starring Tom Cruise.

But who the hell cares? I don't. I'm much more concerned with my favorite cartoonist being a bigot.

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