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Sunday, September 13, 2015

I don't wanna write about not wanting to write!

Thanks, patronus4000!

But then, they say, that's exactly when you should. The Movie/TV/Gaming front isn't piquing my interest of late. Sure, Colbert's back, and sure, he's amazing but why write what everyone else is writing about him?

Guuuuh. I can do this! Let's see... a court ruled in favor of the backers in a shady kickstarter campaign. That's pretty legally awesome, now those KS'ers will have to at least try to make their product first.

M. Night returned to form with The Visit, or did he? BMD says yes, Movie Bob says hellllllll no. After Lady in the Water that man isn't getting another penny out of me for less than 87% on rotten tomatoes. No less!

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