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Sunday, September 20, 2015

I kinda hate MGSV too.

I haven't picked up MGSV in earnest for over a week. I really think I'm done with it. Maybe it's because I work 50 hours a week now. Maybe it's because my love life turned around (finally) or maybe it's because turning metal gear solid into an open world completely diluted what I personally liked about it most.

The physical freedom adds too much tedium to be worth it. Taking out enemy checkpoints nets you paltry experience and they re-staff to quickly to ever be worth it. I'm sick of scrounging for supplies, I'm tired of the exponential cost of staff upgrades. I want some goddamn story progression! It's been 20 hours and I've hit a single (creepily sexist) story beat.

They also clearly couldn't get Kiefer to sit in on most of the facial capture stuff because Snake has characters talk at him 8 times out of 10 while he just sorta stares at the ceiling. Completely stone faced. It gets really hard to watch.

I don't know, I'll get to the end eventually. I won't let myself buy Fallout 4 until I do. That oughta to light a fire under my ass.

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