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Thursday, March 24, 2016

I'm afraid you have to play this, Dave.*

*That's a HAL reference, Mr. Ferber at gamesofchance.blogspot can do as he pleases.

I'm loving the Automatron pack for Fallout 4. Even with a small $10 expansion, Bethesda knows exactly what that's worth to it's players. Leave the cosmetic stuff to the modders and instead focus on only what a developer with access to great programmers and decent voice actors can do. But enough about the pack's solid 4 hour quest and mountains of robot parts you can now mix'n'match... let's talk about it's 8-bit arcade game.

Because there's a KILLER 8-bit arcade game hidden in one of the new dungeons and I've spent at least 40 minutes playing it. Is it worth $10? No... but a shiny new silver dollar for the man or woman that mods it into the loading screen for me!

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