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Friday, March 11, 2016

No wait... I'M the asshole.
Oh... oh GOD!

I was having trouble with XCOM 2. My frendly neighborhood 2k help support told me to dust and then change my resolution to keep my CPU fan from whining. For one, it sure as hell wasn't the DUST in my machine. How dare they suggest I don't take a small army of q-tips to my rig every 6 months? It's not fun.

So I kept at em' for 5 different requests. They said there wasn't nothing they could do, not even let me roll back to ver-1.0. Which I still think is sh***y, but never mind that, because putting it on "Borderless Window" mode has kept my cpu within... reasonable throttling episodes. In other words it wasn't at 100% for more than a second at a time. Which was a problem.

So they were right. I was wrong. It's not an amazing performance patch, but the base cross section isn't stuck at 45 frames anymore. That's nice. Close up fighting shots aka "the best part of the game" are still a crapshoot performance wise.

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