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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fits like an old shoe.

I completely mothballed my PS4 this year. It's the least Scottish (cheap) thing I've ever done. But there was absolutely nothing PS4 exclusive that I just needed to play. All year. Plus I've got a pretty serious frame rate drop allergy, hence I've always been drawn towards the PC "Master Race." I'm sorry I left you PS4, but thanks for not becoming damaged from... I don't know, dust or something. Because coming back to Bloodborne after more than 13 months has been electrifying.

I'm still a natural. The bullet parry is second nature to me now, so the first act was a delight. I still remember all the enemy "tells" and taking down the cleric beast on my first try whilst not being well prepared was a particular high note. I remember how that jerk used to wipe the floor with me and now that I'm able to kick his ass while not really paying attention feels amazing. The blood-starved beast also went down on my second try... didn't see that sh*t coming. Everyone's got that one souls boss that always gets their number and that flayed mutherf***er certainly has mine.

Though the load times are positively killing me. In Dark souls 2 on PC I barely have time to read the flavor text. That's what will drive me away from consoles in general. Those little things you only notice once they're gone. But Bloodborne is still the masterpiece I thought it was. The kind of game you think about when you're driving home or bored at your desk. That's a very exclusive club for this snooty Scottish bastard, I'll tell ya what.

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